IPSRC: The 1st ISPRC Conference combined with the 33rd JPSRC Conference

Co-organizers :

1) Japan Society of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery (JSPRS) 2) Plastic Surgery Research Council (PSRC) 3) European Plastic Surgery Research Council (EPSRC) 4) Asian Federation of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Societies (APRAS)

Organizing committee :

Kotaro Yoshimura (Japan)

Kotaro Yoshimura

Arin Greene (USA)

Arin Greene

William Kuzon (USA)

William Kuzon

Christine Radke (Austria)

Christine Radke

Rica Tanaka(Japan)

Rica Tanaka


  • IPSRC (Research)
    Oct 17-19, 2024 (Live streaming)
  • Registration open
    (Early bird) May, 2023-
  • Call for free papers for IPSRC
    July, 2023-
  • Exhibitor/Sponsored seminar application open
    Feb, 2023-
  • Gala party
    Oct 17, 2024


  • Geoffrey C. Gurtner (USA)
    Geoffrey C. Gurtner (USA)
  • William Kuzon (USA)
    William Kuzon (USA)
  • Paul Cerdena (USA)
    Paul Cerdena (USA)
  • Dennis Orgills (USA)
    Dennis Orgills (USA)
  • Peter J. Rubin (USA)
    Peter J. Rubin (USA)
  • Emi Nishimura (Japan)
    Emi Nishimura (Japan)
  • Yuan-Yu Hsueh (Taiwan)
    Yuan-Yu Hsueh (Taiwan)
  • Rica Tanaka (Japan)
    Rica Tanaka (Japan)
  • Al Hassanein (USA)
    Al Hassanein (USA)
  • David Mathes (USA)
    David Mathes (USA)
  • Greg Evans (USA)
    Greg Evans (USA)
  • Justine Lee (USA)
    Justine Lee (USA)
  • Michael Findlay (Australia)
    Michael Findlay (Australia)
  • Summer Hanson (USA)
    Summer Hanson (USA)
  • Feng Lu (China)
    Feng Lu (China)
  • Justin Sacks (USA)
    Justin Sacks (USA)
  • Amy Moore (USA)
    Amy Moore (USA)
  • Babak Mehrara (USA)
    Babak Mehrara (USA)
  • Christina Camargo (Brazil)
    Christina Camargo (Brazil)
  • Christine Radke (Austria)
    Christine Radke (Austria)
  • Christopher Forrest (Canada)
    Christopher Forrest (Canada)
  • Howard Levinson (USA)
    Howard Levinson (USA)
  • Jason Ko (USA)
    Jason Ko (USA)
  • Michael Neumeister (USA)
    Michael Neumeister (USA)
  • Rei Ogawa (Japan)
    Rei Ogawa (Japan)
  • Shailesh Agarwal (USA)
    Shailesh Agarwal (USA)
  • Theodore Kung (USA)
    Theodore Kung (USA)
  • Wei Liu (China)
    Wei Liu (China)
  • Indranil Sinha (USA)
    Indranil Sinha (USA)
  • Chenggang Yi (China)
    Chenggang Yi (China)
  • Seung-Kyu Han (Korea)
    Seung-Kyu Han (Korea)