Abstract Submission

Submission Period
February 13th (Tue), 2024 – June 10th (Mon), 2024
(Acceptance notice: by July 31st, 2024)

Abstract Submission Guideline
(Keynote lecture/ Oral Presentation/ E-Poster)

1. Abstracts should be prepared in accordance with the instructions below and submitted through the online system. Abstracts should comply with the editing instructions.

2. Abstracts will be peer reviewed and evaluated by the program committee and they will be allocated for Keynote lecture, Oral Presentation or E-Poster. Awards will be also selected by the committee. Authors who do not wish to be considered for oral presentation are requested to indicate this when submitting.
However, please note, that the program committee will make the final decision for the type of presentation.

3. First author and corresponding author are required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract and agree to the submission. First author needs to register the conference by the deadline (July 31st). As all program will be live streaming, presentation can be done in person or virtually.

4. Authors agree that their abstract will be published in the congress abstract book (electronic).

IPSRC: The 1st ISPRC Conference combined with the 33rd JPSRC Conference
[Awards] IPSRC Best Free Paper Awards, IPSRC Award of Excellence

• Aesthetic
• Breast
• Cancer
• Craniofacial
• Gender Affirmation Medicine/Surgery
• Hand
• Innovation/Commercialization/Technology
• Microsurgery/Flap Physiology/Ischemia Reperfusion
• Nerve
• Other
• Patient Safety/Health Care Cost/Access to Care
• Plastic Surgery Education/Training/Leadership/Practice
• Regenerative Medicine
• Skin/Burn/Wound Healing
• Transplant
• Vascular/Lymphatic Biology and Diseases

ISPRES: The 9th Annual Congress of International Society of Plastic and Regenerative Surgeons
[Award] ISPRES Sydney Coleman Award

• Biomaterial
• Body contouring
• Breast
• Device/Drug
• Face
• Ischemia
• Other
• Radiation
• Rejuvenation
• Scars
• Stem cells
• Tissue Engineering

TAAT: The 1st Aesthetic and Antiaging Tokyo
[Award] TAAT Best Paper Award, APRAS Best Paper Award

• Body contouring
• Breast
• Eyelids
• Face
• Facial contouring
• Fat management
• Fillers
• Lasers/Devices
• Massive Weight Loss
• Other
• Research
• Skin rejuvenation
• Toxins

Abstract Editing Instructions
1. Please select the conference (IPSRC, ISPRES, or TAAT) for which you wish to submit an abstract and register your e-mail address and password.

2. Abstracts must be submitted and presented in ENGLISH. If you need help, please kindly arrange for the review of your abstract by a native English speaker.

3. Please download Word file template format for abstract body and upload exactly one page in A4-sized PDF through the online system.

Download the template

4. Abstracts will be published as submitted. Please be careful to avoid typing mistakes.

5. The title should be precise within 50 words.

6. A maximum of seven (7) Co-authors, excluding the First Author, are allowed per submission.

For further information and assistance please contact Organizing Secretariat: contact-keisei2024@macc.jp