ISPRES: 10th Annual Congress

Organizer: International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgeons (ISPRES)

Organizing committee :

Nelson Piccolo (Brazil)

Nelson Piccolo

Peter Rubin(USA)

Peter Rubin


  • ISPRES (Fat and Stem cells)
    Oct 17-19, 2024(Live streaming)
  • Registration open
    (Early bird) May, 2023-
  • Call for free papers for ISPRES
    July, 2023-
  • Exhibitor/Sponsored seminar application open
    Feb, 2023-
  • Presidential dinner
    Oct 16, 2024
  • Gala party
    Oct 17, 2024
  • Faculty dinner
    Oct 18, 2024


  • Kotaro Yoshimura (Japan)
    Kotaro Yoshimura (Japan)
  • Valerio Cervelli (Italy)
    Valerio Cervelli (Italy)
  • Dennis Orgills (USA)
    Dennis Orgills (USA)
  • Peter J. Rubin (USA)
    Peter J. Rubin (USA)
  • Roger Khouri (USA)
    Roger Khouri (USA)
  • Nelson Piccolo (Brazil)
    Nelson Piccolo (Brazil)
  • Lee Pu (USA)
    Lee Pu (USA)
  • Aris Sterodimas (Greece)
    Aris Sterodimas (Greece)
  • Patrick Tonnard (Belgium)
    Patrick Tonnard (Belgium)
  • Stephania de Fazio (Italy)
    Stephania de Fazio (Italy)
  • Tim Papadopoulous (Australia)
    Tim Papadopoulous (Australia)
  • Eva Siolo (South Africa)
    Eva Siolo (South Africa)
  • Michele Zocchi (IT)
    Michele Zocchi (IT)
  • Marita Eisenmann-Klein (Germany)
    Marita Eisenmann-Klein (Germany)
  • Weigang Cao (China)
    Weigang Cao (China)
  • Feng Lu (China)
    Feng Lu (China)