The Aesthetic & Antiaging Tokyo (TAAT) 2024

1) Kotaro Yoshimura, MD (Japan)
2) Asian Federation of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Societies (APRAS)

Organizing committee :

Kotaro Yoshimura (Japan)

Kotaro Yoshimura

Giovanni Botti (Italy)

Giovanni Botti

Nariaki Miyata (Japan)

Nariaki Miyata


  • TAAT (Aesthetic and Anti-aging)
    Oct 17-19, 2024(Live streaming)
  • Registration open
    (Early bird) May, 2023-
  • Call for free papers for TAAT
    July, 2023-
  • Exhibitor/Sponsored seminar application open
    Feb, 2023-
  • Gala party
    Oct 17, 2024


  • Giovanni Botti (Italy)
    Giovanni Botti (Italy)
  • Chris Patoronella (USA)
    Chris Patoronella (USA)
  • Tim Papadopoulous (Australia)
    Tim Papadopoulous (Australia)
  • Patrick Tonnard (Belgium)
    Patrick Tonnard (Belgium)
  • Nariaki Miyata (Japan)
    Nariaki Miyata (Japan)
  • Roger Khouri (USA)
    Roger Khouri (USA)
  • Chia Chi Kao (USA)
    Chia Chi Kao (USA)
  • Eva Siolo (South Africa)
    Eva Siolo (South Africa)
  • Sherri Roberts (USA)
    Sherri Roberts (USA)
  • Giovanni Salti (Italy)
    Giovanni Salti (Italy)
  • Florencio Lucero (Philippines)
    Florencio Lucero (Philippines)
  • Patrcik Huang (Taiwan)
    Patrcik Huang (Taiwan)
  • Nobutaka Furuyama (Japan)
    Nobutaka Furuyama (Japan)
  • Ken Arashiro (Japan)
    Ken Arashiro (Japan)
  • Hideaki Sato (Japan)
    Hideaki Sato (Japan)
  • Adrian Ooi (Singapore)
    Adrian Ooi (Singapore)
  • Akiko Imaizumi (Japan)
    Akiko Imaizumi (Japan)
  • Bin Zhang (China)
    Bin Zhang (China)
  • Peter Peng (Taiwan)
    Peter Peng (Taiwan)
  • Taro Kono (Japan)
    Taro Kono (Japan)
  • Woffles Wu (Singapore)
    Woffles Wu (Singapore)
  • Wooshun Lee (Korea)
    Wooshun Lee (Korea)
  • Zhan Wang (China)
    Zhan Wang (China)
  • Hyungjoon Seo (Korea)
    Hyungjoon Seo (Korea)
  • Taejoo Ahn (Korea)
    Taejoo Ahn (Korea)